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- Faith & addiction

What has faith to do with addictions?

What has the Christian faith in particular to say about addictions? Should there be a distinctive Christian approach to addictions treatment and training? These questions and more are very relevant at a time when secularism and materialism seem to be pushing faith to the margins in our society

For 2000 years the Christian community has been at the heart of bringing care to people in need.  

The National Health Service is built on the foundations of the outworking of the ‘Good News’ through centuries of Christian charitable work amongst the sick and the poor.

Much caring, social legislation came about through the tireless efforts of Christians within and outside of Parliament.

So, at the heart of all we do in the field of addictions training and equipping is the belief that we are following the example and teaching of Jesus Christ.

True, Jesus did not outline programmes for working with those trapped by addictions, the homeless or disadvantaged people in general.

However Jesus did teach and demonstrate ‘hands on’ caring, most frequently for those who were the outcasts and marginalised of society.

The Christian faith influences all that LFTW does as we live in a world in desperate need where individuals, families and whole communities are being damaged by addictions.

In our early days that meant providing street level access to help for addicts in London. Then for over 35 years, the provision of residential treatment, with an ‘open door’ for any who wanted help.

“The word became flesh and blood and moved into the Neighbourhood”

This modern version of a New Testament verse tells us that God got his hands dirty in a Middle Eastern community - we should follow his example

Now, since 2002, multiplying resources through training has been the outworking of our faith.

At the same time we utilise the experience and insights of others outside of the Christian faith, whose valuable contributions make our training truly holistic and professional.

We are about God’s work in his world as channels of his compassion and love. We will use everything he gives us to equip others more effectively, to bring freedom to those caught in the addictions trap.

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